• Rupal Palli

Rupal “Palli”

Rupal Village located near to Ghandhinagar about 20 Km drive way. This village celebrates unique festival on the ninth day […]

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Mahatma Mandir

Government of Gujarat has started an initiative to develop a center dedicated to father of nation Mahatma Gandhi at state capital Gandhinagar.

A […]

  • Amarnathdham

Amarnath Temple

The Amarnath Temple is nearly 20 km from Akshardham situated on a hill. (Note:- It comes in the midway while […]

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  • Jain Derasar, Borij, Gandhinagar

Jain Derasar

A 300-year-old Jain temple made of precious black touchstone (Kasuati Patthar) at Murshidabad in West Bengal was reinstalled at the […]

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  • Trimandir-Gandhinagar

Tri Mandir

The “Tri-Mandir” is a two storey structure whose ground floor comprises of an acoustically treated sound proof hall with marble […]

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  • Mahudi Tirth, Gandhinagar

Mahudi Tirth

In ancient times, this place was known as Madhupuri. The idols and artistic remains found from the hollow of the […]

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Dholeshwar Mahadev

It is said that in ancient times a Bharvad (Shepherd)came to this village with his herd of cows. The Bharvad […]

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  • Gandhinagar : Parks & Gardens on Gandhinagar Portal

Indroda Park Gandhinagar

Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park is a precious treasure spread over an area of about 400 hectares on either bank […]

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  • hanuman

Vaasaniya Mahadev

This here is Vasaniya Mahadev – an ancient Lord Shiva’s Temple in the out skirts of Gandhinagar in the village Vasan. In […]

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  • "gandhinagar" "adalaj vaav" "adalaj step well"

Adalaj Step Well

Adalaj Stepwell is a unique Hindu ‘water building’ in the village of Adalaj, in Gandhinagar. The stepwell was built in […]