• Rupal Palli

    Rupal “Palli”


    Rupal Village located near to Ghandhinagar about 20 Km drive way. This village celebrates unique festival on the ninth day of the great festival Navratri ( Indian Festival of Praying 9 different Godess and Dandiya Dance ) On the night of ninth day, a “Rath” of Mata Vardayini is taken out from the middle of […]


    Mahatma Mandir


    Government of Gujarat has started an initiative to develop a center dedicated to father of nation Mahatma Gandhi at state capital Gandhinagar. A convention centre with capacity to accommodate over 5,000 people will also be constructed in the same complex. Here all kinds of information and literature on Mahatma Gandhi would be available for people interested in […]

  • Amarnathdham

    Amarnath Temple

    The Amarnath Temple is nearly 20 km from Akshardham situated on a hill. (Note:- It comes in the midway while going to “Mahudi” (Jain Pilgrimage Temple). “Mahudi” is nearly 50 kms from Akshardham.) This temple is said to be built more than 20 years ago and have a replica of famous “Ice Shivling” the one […]

  • Jain Derasar, Borij, Gandhinagar

    Jain Derasar

    A 300-year-old Jain temple made of precious black touchstone (Kasuati Patthar) at Murshidabad in West Bengal was reinstalled at the sprawling Jain Derasar campus  of  Vishwa Maitri Dham at Borij village in Gandhinagar District.. It was reinstalled there along with the idol of Bhagwan Parshwanath.

  • Trimandir-Gandhinagar

    Tri Mandir

    The “Tri-Mandir” is a two storey structure whose ground floor comprises of an acoustically treated sound proof hall with marble flooring. The hall having the seating capacity of 10000 people is a subtle blend of modern technology and traditional Indian culture and is the biggest of its kind in Gujarat. Three jumbo projector screens facilitate […]