Rent/Sell Your Property in Gandhinagar


We are having inquiries asking for a Rent/Sell Property. We would like to inform all our users that if you have any information regarding this Kindly contact us for the same, so that we can make the advertisement online and all our users can get benefits. We are available online 24/7 for this and in case if you need to talk to any of our representatives you can call us on +91-79-232-49109 or +919898299189. We are available from 9.30 AM to 7.00 PM daily for such queries. 

Kindly note that we do not work on commission basis, We do charge for this service and the charges are very nominal on monthly basis.

For example if you want to Advertise for a rented house, We do charge 2000 RS for one month, If you don’t get a customer in first month, our charges for next month will be half(i.e 1000 rs) and even if not in second month(which is quite impossible) we will charge only 500 RS for third month. Even after that you are not satisfied and do not get the customer, we will publish your advertise free for the said property. The same is applicable if you wish to Sell your property.

Services/Terms and Conditions:-

1.) Property can be on Rental or Sell

2.) Property can be Commercial or Residential.

3.) Single Property at a time(no building or projects)

4.) Charges will be for one month.

5.) Images/Videos/GPS Locations will be allowed for the property.

6.) Client will have to inform us if the property is sold or rented, so that no one is disturbed.

7.) Client will take the responsibility of the authenticity and legality of the given property.

8.) If we receive the complains from users, we will remove the advertisement from portal.

Property Rent/Sell