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Gandhinagar Business DirectoryWhat is Gandhinagar Business Directory?

Gandhinagar Portal is now 4 years old and Having a good reputation online in providing all Services, Information and Business in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Our latest initiative – GANDHINAGAR BUSINESS DIRECTORY is an service which Bridges the gap between the Business/ Service Provider and Users/Citizens of Gandhinagar. the concept is very simple and straight forward, Add your Business/ Service E-Listing in our Directory and Reach to More Customers. Our Services are very Quick, Descriptive and Yet very Simple. Just fill up your Business Service Details and your are done. You can share your company details online even if you dont have any personal websites at No extra cost.


  1. Gandhinagar Portal is the First and Oldest Website of our City- Gandhinagar.
  2. We have more than 8000 registered users and a daily traffic of 3500 to 4000 user hits.
  3. We are not only a Business Directory Service Provider, But we also Webcast and Promote almost all information and News of Gandhinagar, Whihc brings more regular returning user’s to us.
  4. Gandhinagar’s First LIVE You Tube channel for Promoting Events, Festivals and Other Necessary information.
  5. More than 2,50,000 Views world wide on our Youtube Channel.(CLICK HERE TO VISIT GANDHINAGAR LIVE YOU TUBE CHANNEL)
  6. Above All, Gandhinagar Portal has Android Application available on Google Play Store. (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD-GANDHINAGAR ANDROID APP.)
  7. Its not only Showing your address, Our Excellent Platform navigates our user to reach you using Google Maps.
  8. No Call Center Funda, Search and Call directly to Service Provider. In Mobile, No Copy Paste, Just touch on the Number and Talk.*
  9. GP is having Social Media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

What else you need. Fill up the form and We will contact you. For any Queries please feel free to mail us on [email protected] or call us on 9898299189.

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