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Gandhinagar Cultural Forum Navli Navratri 2015- LIVE

Gandhinagar Cultural Forum Navli Navratri

Festival 2015

Gandhinagar Cultural Forum Navli Navratri Festival 2015- Garba, Raas and Dandiya  Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

Gandhinagar Portal is proud to announce and share that; we will be webcasting Gandhinagar Cultural Forum Navli Navratri 2015 Live from Balnagri Ground, Sector 6, Gandhinagar.  Live Streaming of this Mega Festival Navli Navratri will start from 13th October 20.00 hrs. (time may change do keep visiting us for regular updates).

As you all are aware Gandhinagar Cultural Forum Navli Navratri festival is known for their 100% authentic and traditional Gujarati Garba songs which have made us all to dance and enjoy since more than a decade. GCF (Gandhinagar Cultural Forum) being the one of the Oldest Community(Forum) and the Biggest Cultural Organization of Gandhinagar have always made it very Entertaining Navratri and Other Events in Gandhinagar.

MAHA AARTI – its Gandhinagar Cultural Forum who has made the 8th night (AATHAM) a Trend to be followed where not only participants or members, But every person visiting is a part of this MAHA AARTI. Maa Ambe Aarti by around 20000 people at a time itself has become a most celebrated as well as awaited moment of Navratri festival.

Gandhinagar Portal feels proud for getting associated with Gandhinagar Cultural Forum as their official Webcasting partner and heartily thanks, appreciates Gandhinagar Cultural Forum for making all their Events not only Entertaining but also making all events in true sense “Cultural” and Family Events.

We have Got the complete schedule of the Musical groups performing in this year’s Gandhinagar Cultural Forum Navli Navratri Festival 2015. below are the details.

13/10/2015: Sameer Raval and Group.

14/10/2015: Deepti Desai, Amit Thakkar and Group.

15/10/2015: Prahar Vohra, Himali Vyas and Group.

16/10/2015: Golden Cheers Group.

17/10/2015: Lalitya Munsaa, Hasmukh Patadiya and Group.

18/10/2015: Deepti Desai, Amit Thakkar and Group.

19/10/2015: Bhumik Shah- Aanal Vasavada and Group.

20/10/2015: Golden Cheers Group.

20/10/2015: Maha Aarti

21/10/2015: Darshna Gandhi and Group.

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