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Jan Seva Kendra Gandhinagar (Civic Center)

JanSeva Kendra – Gandhinagar District.

Call : 079 2324 2501

The citizens of Gandhinagar district are the primary users of Jan Seva Kendra-Gandhinagar  who approach the district administration for 97 types of everyday issues pertaining to land, civil supply, licenses, certificates, affidavits etc. All the 287 villages besides the 5 municipalities in Gandhinagar district avail services from the Jan Seva Kendra-Gandhinagar either at the Collectorate, taluka centres or in villages at the time of village camps. These citizens include men, women and children. Thus Jan Seva Kendra-Gandhinagar caters to all the segments of population (both urban and rural) without any differentiation. Apart from the citizens, the bureaucracy in the district administration starting from the Collector and other officials in the Collectorate, the Mamlatdar and his staff in the talukas etc are the beneficiary of the robust MIS created by Jan Seva Kendra-Gandhinagar. Jan Seva Kendra-Gandhinagar acts as the de-facto front end of the District Collectorate. It allows the Collector and his subordinate officials’ access to the service processing status details. They are enabled by Jan Seva Kendra-Gandhinagar to provide G2C services to the citizens in the prescribed time limits and in the form and nature as desired by them. Retired officials and senior citizens who render their services on honorary basis to the Jan Seva Kendra-Gandhinagar are also the indirect his chapter is re-produced with permission from the book “Transforming Government – eGovernment Initiatives in India, Editors: R K Bagga and Piyush Gupta, Published by : The ICFAI University Press, 2009. users of this system. Students of local ITI having studied IT and IT related courses are incorporated in Jan Seva Kendra-Gandhinagar as operators after induction training by the District Collector and the Technology Supplier.

Services Offers by Jan Seva Kendra-Gandhinagar: issuing affidavits, ration-card alterations, and land-revenue payments

All The forms for Various Government applications will be online soon.