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What is SHARE?

What is SHARE?

SHARE is a special feature for all our users who want to SHARE Information/Blogs/Feedback for the City of Gandhinagar. We have allowed  (Registered) users to upload the files also with their Topics, Information(Non Commercial), Blogs(Technical/Non-Technical) and Feedback on the city which are missing in Gandhinagar Portal, these will be reviewed by our team and once approved we will upload the SHARE with the name of the Registered User.


SHARE will give an option to all our users to SHARE their experiences with other users. In Text format (ENGLISH and GUJARATI language), images etc.

What to SHARE?

Users can SHARE any information(NON-Commercial) regarding CITY GANDHINAGAR. For example, any public place or events which we missed out can be updated by the user. Any Technical/ NON-Technical information in form of  Blogs. Feedback:- Visitors in Gandhinagar or even Local Residents can SHARE anything related to to the city. NGO’s can also directly approach us and we will share their Information.

What not to SHARE?

Commercial:- Users are not allowed to promote their business or any commercial activities.

Personal:– Users are not allowed to SHARE their Personal Information.

Information which goes against any Individual/Organization, Community/Religion will not be entertained.

Any abusive or controversial use of language will not be entertained.

For more details please refer MODERATION GUIDELINES.

How to SHARE?

Very simple to SHARE….

Give us your First Name, Last Name, E-Mail (same as with Gandhinagar Portal), Phone Number(In Case if we need to contact you), Topic of SHARE, Text for your SHARE, Attachment like PDF, JPEG(Images) and Document(word Files). Submit and we will review (rejection would be informed )and SHARE.

Who is Responsible for SHARE?

Yes, You got right. Users who submits a SHARE will be completely responsible for all the content (information, images, language) provided to SHARE. We at Gandhinagar Portal are only a platform to SHARE your views to the world. Content which is not appropriate in terms of www.gandhinagarportal.com Moderation GuidelinesPrivacy PolicyDisclaimer and/or Terms and Conditions,  Gandhinagar Portal has full rights for not SHAREing the Information.

For any queries please feel free to contact us.




Please visit DISCLAIMER before submitting any SHARE’s.

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