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Shivranjani 2012:- Full Event

Shivranjani Gandhinagar 2012:-

“Shivranjani”, an institution functioning since 1972 in Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat (India) has been earnestly dedicated to the cause of preserving and promoting all forms of Indian music, especially the regional melodies that have evolved and thrived in Gujarati “Sugam Sangeet”. It is feared that since such music is increasingly becoming confined to a limited audience, the generations to come will be alienated from this vast treasure of our musical legacy. Our tireless efforts have been to fight this increasing influence of western music and films, and we have received immense warmth and support in our endeavor to increase quality listenership. Shivranjani is also committed to encouraging budding amateur talent by providing them platform to perform as well as facilitating special training programs with the help of well established names in the musical sphere. At the same time, we also conduct workshops and seminars to promote interaction on issues related to heritage and music.

In the course of our journey, many artistes have conveyed their enthusiasm and appreciation by giving memorable performances. Our program record boasts of the likes of Sarva Shri – Purshottam Upadhyay, Ashit-Hema Desai, Praful Dave, Rasbihari-Vibha Desai, Parthiv Gohil, Bhikhudan Gadhvi and Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasiya to name a few.

All such forays to promote our literature and music are always tough to sustain as it is a herculean task to manage financial constraints and yet not compromise on quality. Getting patronage and sponsorship have not been a cakewalk either. “Shivranjani” heartily welcomes assistance and support of any nature which will help further our noble musical cause! You are cordially invited to join this revival crusade. Your generous contribution can be sent by crossed cheques in favor of “Shivranjani, Gandhinagar, India”, which will help us nurture and spread the cause of preserving one of the perishing traditions, which is very close to our heart, the “Sugam sangeet” in Gujarat.

For more details visit www.shivranjani.in