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“Gandhinagar Portal:- Circle of Information”, again brings an awesome feature, Not only for Registered users but also for Non-Registered users. As Gandhinagar Portal updates on daily basis on many categories like News, Events, Social Events, Property, Buy/Sell,Businesses, Educational Institutes,Tourism, Hotels, Restaurants, Offers, Blogs, Daily Services Updates and many more, Users now take control over the content, What we mean is Gandhinagar Portal” is giving all its users what kind of updates they want in their inbox. For example:- Once users logins and selects “GP UPDATES” from Subscription menu under Profile page, User will get an E-Mail alert when GP UPDATES updates with a new content. This feature will be more useful to users who are working somewhere and they do not have time to visit us and get the updates. Just try it by subscribing the desired category and enjoy….


For Non Registered Users:-

“Gandhinagar Portal” believes and completely understand that signing up to a website can be a bugging process. For such users, This feature is more helpful, Test us by subscribing our updates and get email alerts of all our updates. Our updates will contain the heading of content which will make it more easier for Visitor whether to SIGNUP with Gandhinagar Portal or not. We assure you what we say is what we deliver…..