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thanganat 2011 gandhinagar, ras-garba

Thanganat Navratri Festival

(info by Rohit Nayani, Editor-Patnagar Network, Gandhinagar)

Indeed it is heartening to communicate you that, we will celebrate Navratri Festival this year with joyful attractions. Your good selves is requested to spare some time from your busy schedule be present 9 days with children/family/relatives and enjoy the color of nature. We assure you that your heart will be full of holy vibrations and soul with peace and experience of “DIVINE SHAKTI”

Further on this holy event, we would like to draw your kind attention that this programmer is “Of the people,for the people by the people” social sega. Hence your graceful contribution is invited to support this program me by way of your active participation, donation, advertisement, sponsorship etc.

Looking forward to hear from you soon with your valued support and presence at the event.

Thanks & regards,


“Thanganat Ras Garba Mahotsav”
Ram katha Ground, Nr. Shalin Complex
Sector 11, Gandhinagar. Gujarat.

Rohit Nayani (Editor, Network News, Gandhinagar)
Piyush Bhai(Red Alert News, Gandhinagar)
Narendra Panchal( Lion Of Gujarat News, Gandhinagar)
Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

Wait for the video updates.

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thanganat 2011 gandhinagar, ras-garba

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