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Vaasaniya Mahadev

Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

This here is Vasaniya Mahadev – an ancient Lord Shiva’s Temple in the out skirts of Gandhinagar in the village Vasan. In the month of shravan (according to Gujarati calendar i.e. around August-September) there are thousand of pilgrims from various parts of Gujarat.

Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

The statue which you can see in the photo graph is approx 53 feet high and is a point of tourist as well local attractions best time to visit this Hanuman temple and Vasaniya Mahadev is in the month  September to December.
There are various means of transportation available to reach Vasaniya mahadev. You can get state transport Bus from Gandhinagar as well as Ahmedabad. Also you can hire a taxi which according to me would be a convenient option.

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